"The Future Of Medicine Is Here!"

A Solution To Prevent A Health Crisis!

  Would you like to see into your body (including complete blood work, allergies, parasites, viruses,
hormones, heavy metals, and organ health and function) with detail better than an MRI or CAT Scan,
allowing you to see problems before you even have symptoms,

with No Needles or X-Rays?

And wouldn't it be wonderful if this same scanner
could help your body possibly heal those problems?

All in the time it takes to read this page?

  In a moment, but not quite yet
you'll see with your own eyes
that it's now a reality you have
the opportunity to experience for yourself!

Einstein  Tesla  Royal Rife  Hertz
               Albert Einstein                                    Nikola Tesla                             Royal Rife                                 Heinrich Rudolf Hertz

The Optimal Wellness Scan uses a cutting edge, non-invasive bio-resonance device,
originally developed by Russian Biophysicists
to keep their astronauts healthy while on long space missions

Refined for the last 15 years by US Scientists

There is not a device on the planet
that can do what this scanner can do!

Only 500 scanners exist in the world!

  No needles!     No X-Ray exposure!


This is a dual-functioning device

It has a DETECTION mode and a CORRECTION mode

First, it DETECTS frequencies of the various cells, tissues, and organs of the body
and compares them with a database of known healthy frequencies
to determine if there are abnormalities

Then, using technology similar to noise-cancelling headphones, it returns those frequencies back to the body,
specific to the scanned areas, but 180 degrees out of phase
(don't worry about understanding the technical aspects) 

The body begins to CORRECT itself at its deepest level – the level of subtle energy

You can see your numbers improve in real time during the process!

These Are All The Things Scanned AND Optimized by The Optimal Wellness Scan

Menu of Vitals Scan

Below is just one page of a 28 page report you will receive!

The initial scan results are on the right ("Previous Scan")

Scan results after Optimization Frequencies are delivered are on the left

Red = Too High, Aqua = Too Low, Green = Optimal Levels

          Test Result

Look At The Improvement!

Everything was corrected!

 *** In fact, this is MY personal scan results.See Through Body

   I have a genetic condition (Hemochromatosus) where I produce too much iron (Ferritin),
   and have to drain some blood via a blood donation about every 3 months to lower the iron levels.

  See in the right column how Ferritin was too high? (I was due for a draining)

  Now look at the left column at the levels after the Frequency Optimization!!!!

  Iron levels have remained normal for over a month!!!

  With a GENETIC condition!

  Did the Optimization Frequencies turn off the gene (Epigenetics) so I won't have that problem anymore?

  Now I can donate blood just because I want to help others in need.

  Now look at my results in the virus section.

I had been treating sick people all week, and I was not feeling well.

The Scanner arrived that day, and I analyzed myself first.

Virus Correction

Look at the red in the right column

I had Influenza A, B & C in my body!!!
No wonder I felt bad!

But now look at the result after the correction!

My body used those Frequency Optimizations to neutralize those viruses!
And I felt better in a matter of hours!


Please Click On The Right Arrow Below
To See All 28 Pages Of Results
You Will Receive

And look at the detail you get from the
Comprehensive Scan And Correction:
(Patient Name Changed To Protect His Privacy)

5 is Optimum

Arteries Head And Neck
(Number on the left is the initial scan,
and number on right is after the ONE MINUTE correction)

Did you see the % improvement from the Frequency Optimization?


Just an ultrasound of the Carotid Arteries alone
would cost you up to $330.00!

And it is only diagnostic. It doesn't help your body heal
like the Optimal Wellness Scan does!

As you can see,
the health of your Carotid Arteries is just ONE small part of
a wealth of insight from this scan's look inside your body.



96% Improvement!

Connective Tissue Foot


88% Improvement!

Ever wonder about the health of your teeth?

An X-Ray will not give this kind of detail!


And If All The Above Wasn't Impressive Enough,
The Scan Can Also Look Into The Possible Cause,
What Organ(s) Affected,
And When You Were Exposed!

Look At This!


 So how accurate is this scan (AO) versus other methods?

Compare To Other Scans
Reference: Innergy Development           

Body Image

What Is The Value Of The Optimal Wellness Scan?

If you were to get each of these tests,
it would cost you close to $3,000!

Plus, you would have to travel and take the time
to get each test/scan done separately.

 And none of them would have this detail,
or provide a "treatment"
to help your body heal!

You'd have to try and figure all of that out.

There are three ways you can get one of these incredible Optimal Wellness Scans.

We can come to your home or office (within a 20 mile radius from our office) for your convenience.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, you can get a scan in person at our office in West Los Angeles (near Olympic & Barrington)

3) You can request a specimen pack. Just like a DNA ancestry test can tell you an incredible amount of detail about your family origins just from a swab of your cheek - we can do a complete scan with just a saliva, urine and hair sample!
                                                                                                             The Lab Unit

Lab UnitYes! All the information you saw above will be yours just from the specimen sample with the Lab Unit, which connects to the scanner!

And we will instantly apply your Optimization Frequencies remotely via the Zero Point Field and also embed them into a silicone bracelet, and mail it to your front door!

(Again, don't worry about the Quantum Physics of how all that is possible. It's quite impressive!)


$100 discount if you are one of the first 50 people
who invest in your health with this scan

Please select one of the following:

Option 1 -
We Come To Your Home or Office   $697 - $100 discount = $597

Option 2 - In Person Scan At Our Office   $597 - $100 discount = $497

Option 3 - Specimen Pack by Mail    $497 - $100 discount = $397

(Your PayPal receipt will show: COMPOSITE FORCE, INC.)

You Will Also Receive:

- FREE InnerVoice Anaysis ($97 value). The INNER-Voice program helps harmonizing everyday life by improving concentration, creativity and emotional intelligence. After analyzing your voice (which expresses subconscious beliefs), you will be emailed a detailed report as well as 4 mp3 files to listen to, to make that happen for you. (Mine surprised me with it's accuracy. I even tried to fool it by sounding all happy and content)

- FREE silicone bracelet personally embedded with one energy of your choice: Accelerated Learning, Mastering Stress, Perfect Health, Relationship Enhancement, Self Confidence & Self Esteem, Sports Enhancement, Success, Super Memory, Unlimited Creativity or Wealth & Prosperity ($47 value)

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